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Calendar will accompany you to the end of the world

In fact, in the field of watches, perpetual calendar is expensive for one of three complex functions, it is only practical minimum is one of the most boring. And adjusting complex, the slightest mistake will damage the movement. However, the calendar is not good at all, but rather it is a "time passes quickly husband, which goes"-like Verve function. CK watches jewelry Tanabata love attitude no distance

Believe that even without the headers and too many to enumerate here, enter the 2012 itself, is enough to make people sensitive to the calendar. In fact, in the field of watches, perpetual calendar is expensive for one of three complex functions, it is only practical minimum is one of the most boring. Without leap years only 4 years to use once so obscure a low profile. Just two other recognized complex functions-Tourbillon and the three questions, one can see the rotor and escapement and constantly rotating, one can hear the sweet sound of spring time, don't want to know which is more cool.

In fact, the calendar is tangled in far more than that. We are now using the Gregorian calendar, was in ancient Egypt people finalize until calendar after you sew on, that is, 365 days a year. But in fact, the Earth orbits around the Sun is 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds, so in order to compensate for less time, and for every 4 years for a leap year of 366 days. Fill a day every 4 years is not precise enough, however, so to should have the year is a leap year every 100 years, but clawing back a day is still calculated as 365 days, such as 1900, 2100, 2,200 years are 365 days. But please note that I did not mention here in 2000, because button day every 100 years was not precise enough, so the day every 400 years is 365 days, such as 2000, 2400, 2800 ... ...

I believe that people who can read the text above, if not control calendar on your computer, then you must have a mathematician's personality. But just these, not calendar the whole complex features. Watchmaking craftsmen final straw was killed, Caesar Augustus and his son, who took a day from February and added it to their birthday month, namely on July and August, so February becomes now a pathetic 28 days.

So, thanks to ancient Egypt and the ancient Romans gave, to create a calendar to watch the world famous for real and complex functions.

In fact, the calendar feature is not the same as literal understanding, never need adjustment. Perpetual calendar watches on the market, every 100 years, are being sent back to the original by the technician to adjust, or on February 29 days will appear. So if trouble, 100 years before the integers, then do not select the calendar watch. Today, only Franck Muller claims their Aeternitas watches have a real sense of "perpetual calendar" function, that is, every 100 years and 400 do not require adjustment, called mechanical wonder.

In addition, compared to other watches, perpetual calendar function is not only complex, adjusting it is very troublesome. Of course if every day were wearing, movements are constantly running, so don't have to adjust. But if the down does not wear, movement stops for a few days, just tuned up and is very troubling, because each show are linked together, so if not adjusted properly is easy to stick movement.

Not at day 22 ~ at 2 o'clock in the morning the next day, a period of internal adjustment and school calendar, because the gear for that time period show calendar has been full occlusion, is slowly working time. Different brands of taboo times may be longer, it needs reference manual.

Cannot be tuned between the 26th of the month ~ 2nd month, adjusting movements must have stuck.

Callback is prohibited in almost all calendar features, meaning that if one day, downtime mandrel for one day.

Therefore, maintaining perpetual calendar function the best way, is to make sure that the movement work, and never adjusted. The surest way is to purchase an "automatic box" so that when not wearing the watch can also be sent by it to the movement winding to prevent pauses.

In fact, the calendar is not good at all, on the contrary I think it's very feelings of a function. Imagine being faced with human complex calendars, watchmakers were with how things feel, pure nature, all changes in all implementation of this functionality. As the owner of perpetual calendar watch, think, certainly not hard to sense "time passes quickly husband, which goes," the mood.

This watch in 2009 known as the world's most complicated wristwatch, priced up to $ 2.7 million, is not the most expensive watches sold by auction. This watch by 1483 independent parts, with 36 functions, of which 25 could be seen from the surface, the rest on the bottom. Watch has the true meaning of "perpetual calendar" function, that is, every 100 years and 400 do not require adjustment.

Basically, I believe people who know PP will be able to see at a glance the Patek Philippe Ref. 5496P has a simple calendar layout. 2011 many brands like the PP regained the most elegant and sober style. Windows week, month and leap years shows the distribution by crosses on the dial, with the Satin Silver Dial, makes this complex function is very simple and easy to read.

Glashutte Original Senator Perpetual Calendar watches, perpetual calendar feature is ideal. Calendar, moon phase, day, month and leap year are all displayed in an independent window, clear and easy to read. And the design is very simple and classic. Is an ideal watch calendar function.

Perpetual calendar wristwatch movement calendar complex leap year practical at the end of the world Egypt people

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