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Collection of art treasures classic Hermes jewelry watches

Create exquisite works of art by Hermes is definitely top watches with the perfect combination of fashion jewelry. Hermes for more than 160 years has been our all products to fine to us, impeccable brand purposes, and in the form of hand-Mills family win the favor of customers worldwide. Hermes watches series features not just in time, make it a pleasing array of fashion jewelry.

The longing for a taste of life rising, want everything to make things simple, without losing the pursuit of details, such as Herms to create watches jewelry, classic, simple, delightful, and multiple uses.

Arceau suspended Time Suspendu time watches

Time is considered to be unable to change, hard to tame, for Hermes, however, are good friends. It gives the leather luster and many stories were enriched by history. It is a real asset, which stimulate the imagination. Arceau pause time really is a gold watch. But its significance is much more than a watch.

Arceau pause time really is a gold watch. But its significance is much more than the watches: wrist full of fascinating moment, just press the 9 button hour hand and the minute hand stops at 12, date-pointer disappears. Pause ... ... Or, time appeared to be suspended--because mechanical devices are still records the exact time, continued to play like a musical instrument in the background, the stage has remained silent.

H-Hour watches

H Hour classic watches, personally project was designed by the brand watches designer Philippe Mouquet, highlights the brand's iconic square dial "h" letter, sedate, very suitable for mature charm women.

Medor watches

Series Medor at first is a small inlaid with silver rivet leather bracelet, opened one of the rivets, revealing little white dial.

Cape Cod series watch

Series Cape Cod through the different stages of evolution, case lines appear more elegant arc, a Cape Cod tonneau watch posture designed to reproduce the original link, strap in use since 1998, Herms another vivid design double strap, natural way, into the design of the whole watch.

Kelly series

Kelly series ladies Watch has a long leather strap, White Dial appears on the Golden lock pendant, can be worn as bracelet.

In addition to watches, Hermes (Hermes) has launched a series of Pocket leather strap quartz watch, round and lovely time Elf, also can be worn as necklaces.

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Classic design treasures jewelry watches watches Hermes series pleasure Omega model to the perfect coaxial magnetic movement

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