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Dream like translucent flakes flying sub Earl bright Christmas

Winter breeze blows softly caresses, silver Frost the scattered in the surrounding natural land, heralds of Christmas steps gradually into, Earls jewelry covered with festive clothes than it did before us shining.

Heritage DNA,Limelight Twice the count watches (G0A36237) going to present the brand in the field of concept table avant-garde. The rich Han amazed imagination of the wrist watch is available from both before and after its interpretation of time in two different time zones on the surface. This creation plays a double role, and when one appears, easy to hide, or elegant, athletic or enchanting charm. Hidden Crown design, strengthened its pure lines, deliberately concealed when the button is in order to ensure that the design of the case of balanced and harmonious and graceful. Two-way wearing the strap and clasp are ergonomic, even the most delicate of wrists also gentle docile.

Dream-like translucent flakes flying sub Earl bright Christmas

[Pricing of RMB: 573,400] Watch player Zhang Shu respected brands really

Magic Hour (G0A37199) is another stunning concept of an Earl table, displaying a watch dial, along with the owner's heart looked, arbitrary changes its face. Oval casing exquisite diamonds and Platinum case device for rotary dial full visual illusions, Limelight Magic Hour is the identification of the most stunning features. Magic Hour Watch with bold avant-garde design concepts and refining the elegant appearance, invited with open arms.

[Yuan price: 651,400]

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Earl bright dream-like Christmas snowflake watch concept design case

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