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No matter how the times change, people are still curious about history and legend, so Jiang Youbai this, like luxury special qualified, allowing people full of expectations. Although he was far from politics, however, for a man,, conquering the world about it, in this day and age, there are a number of choices. His capital in the night game, he was in the spotlight, let "Orange fruit design" and "Orange advisory" to create he wanted to create the world! Centennial spirit best avatar core clock comment

Jiang Youbai

Things should have a point of view, good design is also the attitude. "Every place should have its own style, so we create! I'm going to let the Chinese people have their own designs, letting foreigners buy! "In concept, Jiang Youbai like to use Chinese and Western comparison, his 20 Chinese love poetry, anthology two or three to the West, to make a series. In addition, he also cast a series called classic, locking elements, wood, fire and Earth. Yes, Jiang Youbai is a person who likes to compete with foreign cultures, practiced pushing hands with foreigners, both the use of foreign funds, and would not let foreigners take away too many Chinese things. Never worship, perhaps in his peers, one of the most precious spirit. So impress his design also must be able to withstand the test of steel wristwatch is the accessories he wore every day, do not change today is to take the kids out to play easier.

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