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MONTBLANC watches with core manufacturing

For Montblanc, 2008 was a year to remember, Wanbao Longcheer unveil homemade chronograph-stars under Nicolas kaishi single button Chronograph, to invent pays tribute to the famous watchmaker Nicolas kaishi timing technology.

SIHH2008, MONTBLANC held a Grand party, celebrate the significant moment of this brand. MONTBLANC Chief Executive Beilu CI (Lutz Bethge) when introducing the first factory-made Chronograph, model produced in this movement of parts for the prototype from the canopy is lowered slowly, people comprehend to MONTBLANC's determination and confidence in professional watchmaking.

MONTBLANC watches with

Star series-Nicholas kaishi single button chronograph

Star series-Nicholas kaishi single button chronograph

Time the father of Nicolas kaishi named, inspired by nigulasikaishi timing mechanical system invented in 1821. Assembly MONTBLANC made calibre MB R100 equipped with two winding drums, power reserve up to 72 hours, exquisite workmanship of the movement, through the Sapphire-Crystal back to show it.

MONTBLANC watches with

Star women's moon phase automatic diamond gold and star 4810 automatic-winding chronograph

Star women's moon phase automatic diamond gold watch (white)

Watch diameter 36 mm, bezel and lugs a total mosaic block 104 top weisaierdun step cut diamonds; shiny mother of Pearl Dial like the deep night sky and moon phase display between 9 to 12 o'clock position. A star-shaped diamonds on the dial and moon form a star and Crescent image; dial diamond edge Stud 80; 6 o'clock position of the calendar plate Cup set with 24 diamonds, forming a circle flashing Halo.

Star 4810 automatic-winding chronograph

Hours, minutes, seconds, three-needle function, 6 o'clock position for a calendar window displays, with night light Roman numerals, composed of Jianli finished Silver Dial with unique character. Dial decorated with engraved MONTBLANC star-shaped pattern, with the light at different angles, six-point star-shaped pattern like the brilliance of scattering waves rolling out, catch the precious minute.

MONTBLANC watches with

MONTBLANC "Andre virel 1858 series single button chronograph King size zero seconds and enamel pin watch

MONTBLANC "Andre virel 1858 series" enamel single button chronograph (part one)

For the 150 anniversary of the US-China factory features, these new works depicting burning within the dial, and assembled the last of 16.29, or 13.21 chronograph movement, through the Sapphire-Crystal back, we can see movement gilded Minerva Villeret splint (u huaweilaier) lettering; Crown inlaid with mother-of-Pearl MONTBLANC star sign.

MONTBLANC "Andre virel 1858 series": size zero second hand watches (part two)

Zero second hand watches (Les Secondes au Centre Retour-a-Zero) Assembly two new research and development movement, for the 150 anniversary of the US-China factory features, and represents the "American Institute for advanced technology in China," towards a new course. Through the Sapphire-Crystal back, we can see movement gilded Minerva Villeret splint (u huaweilaier) lettering.

MONTBLANC watches with

Silhouette women's elegant diamond watch

Silhouette women's elegant diamond watch

Patent 43 cut star-shaped diamond, presents the most perfect six-pointed star-shaped appearance. Mother of Pearl Dial in 0.1088-Carat Star Diamond as the Center, such as wave-like star-shaped pattern consists of 482 top weisaierdun diamonds (1.824 carats), have been lobbying to extend the 18K white gold case and bracelet, the effect is both mind and eye; a star-shaped diamond in the Crown is 0.055 carats.

MONTBLANC watches with

MONTBLANC Chief Executive Beilu CI

Interview, Chief Executive of Montblanc Beilu CI

Q: MONTBLANC unveiled its first self-made movement this year, does that mean that MONTBLANC in the professional watchmaking has bigger plans.

A: Yes, since we launched our first watch, watch our products has been welcomed by many consumers. Over the years, we have been in maintaining the tradition of watchmaking industry, at the same time we emphasize innovation. We want to do is to provide unique products to consumers. This year star Nicholas series watches, MONTBLANC is of historic importance. Wan Bao long, it assembled the first self-made movement. And we launched this year, "Andre virel 1858 series" enamel Chronograph, assembled the last of 16.29, or 13.21 Chronograph, small residual 16.29 and 13.21 chronograph will be used to make unique customized watches, to meet customer requirements. When this commemorative series enamel Chronograph and custom table after the sale, the chronograph will stop the supply. So we launch this year is significant.

Q: MONTBLANC watches offer amazing this year in all MONTBLANC watches of the past, which is the world's best selling?

A: our Star series. Ten years ago when MONTBLANC early into the altar table, is the celebrity series started doing. This year we launched star 4810 automatic chronograph is the newest member of the classic series. People like to compare new, unique things, and we are to provide distinctive MONTBLANC watches.

Q: I'm sure MONTBLANC product is viewed by many as a family heirloom passed down generation to generation, then you think, one generation watches, you should have the kind of quality you?

A: Yes, our products are very popular in the world, they are handed down from father to son, from son to grandson. I think this watch is eternal, and when people see when you wear it, and exclaimed: Wow! This is what you watch, it's fantastic! Such watches are classic, timeless and elegant qualities. Whether you purchased five years or 50 years, it will not become an outdated product. 2nd, it should have perfect quality, it is essential for a watch. As we launch this year Nicholas Star series watch, I'm sure it will win consumers ' favorite. These top watch allows us to easily "write."

Q: in MONTBLANC's global marketing system, is the most promising of which country or region?

A: there is no doubt that China. Of course, current market, sales in the United States market is relatively larger than that of China, but China is developing at an alarming rate. MONTBLANC is currently the world's third largest market in China, we opened the Mont Blanc the world's largest flagship store in Shanghai. In 2008, China may increase as the MONTBLANC's second-largest market. Over the next five years, China is likely to become the MONTBLANC the world's largest market. When I went to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, I will find that China is more and more modern, and there are many luxury shops in the city. Compared with China, India on the lack of these, so development of the Indian market will need more time.

Q: as you mentioned, China is a very promising market. What do you think the Chinese market is characterized by?

A: China's consumer products have a strong pursuit of high quality. They are not blind to the pursuit of brand-name in Europe, for instance the brand, but to clearly understand the connotation of the value and brand of the product. Chinese people better understand the spirit of Montblanc, they know MONTBLANC in the constant pursuit of quality, perfect design and superb technology, so they admire Mont Blanc, would like to have it.

Q: you referred to China in 2008, may also be developed as the Mont Blanc the world's second largest market this year, MONTBLANC will have something special in China's development plan?

A: in 2008, everyone is looking forward to the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing, I certainly was no exception. This year, MONTBLANC will also continue to keep the development in China. Our largest flagship store in Shanghai, and covers an area of 610 square meters, in addition to the sale of jewellery, watches, writing instruments and other products, also shows Chinese consumers a MONTBLANC classic products and limited edition products. Later, we will continue to additional investment in China, we believe that the prospects of the Chinese market. We hope to introduce more Chinese consumers to MONTBLANC the oldest German brand. Smart Watch 70 reincarnation blind stick history

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Brand story

For more than 100 years, "Mont Blanc" has always been synonymous with the art of writing. Derived from Blanc peak snow crowns the top of six-pointed White Star marking, is a symbol of the MONTBLANC brand of excellence status. Classic large ink pens, fine leather goods, jewelry, watches, and none of the traditional process of crystallization.

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MONTBLANC Watch series Star movement Nicholas diamond Dial Chronograph

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