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RADO Switzerland Basel radar table 2012 new R One series

Tomorrow, Rado Switzerland radar R-One watches, wrist equipment, opened a new long tour (January 2012, Switzerland LINOR)-new RADO Switzerland radar series R-One Limited Edition, promote the watch design breakthrough, breaking the habit. In the interstellar journey inspired writings, the watch uses vivid shapes, a variety of high-tech materials in a very unusual way cleverly integrated and ending in ice blue detail. The appearance of this sophisticated timer, like a photograph of the Earth's atmosphere from space picture. Silver metallic with light ice blue detail and a deep and mysterious black background a splendorous. Three round timer dial looks like the perfect shape of planets, clearly showing a futuristic theme. The watch is limited to 300 each in a wooden box is placed in the delicate, outlines what's appearance, and protects like a time capsule watch. From any point of view, Switzerland radar series R-One have shown extraordinary unique styling, explore the inspiring innovation in the field of design.

RADO Switzerland Basel, radar table 2012 new R-One series

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New benchmark renders precise timing perfect on RADO Switzerland radar series R-One on the dial, is a six-pointer, Switzerland made the automatic mechanical chronograph movement. It is one of the world's smallest Chronograph, but up to 37 hours power reserve. Located between 3 o'clock and 4 o'clock, date window circular path with digital signs in one fell swoop. Benefited from extra durable high-tech ceramics and delicate arc square Sapphire Crystal, this series of watch case can be creative masterpieces with durability. The sturdy annex also includes a black rubber strap, on its thin grey line of the Visual continuity, there is also a high-tech ceramic black-covered 30 percent titanium metal buckle. Both very adventurous, want to dominate, Maverick owner, still obsessed with watch collectors, this universe-style series innovation is destined to become an attractive choice for election.

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Watches Switzerland radar radoone new Basel Switzerland high technology

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